The Legal Secretariat is the main body that supervises the funding and investment negotiations and provides expert consultative services on legal instruments to the AUGP group and to individual investors or governments. It also coordinates the funding of major infrastructural development projects in developing countries which includes major investment downloads from DTC or other suitable systems for government funding. The Therapeutic Jurisprudence Centre functions within it.

His Excellency Prof. Lakshman Madurasinghe is the Senior  International Governor Legal and Vice-Chancellor AUGP USA :    Global Legal Advisor Vaamaa Forex Holding LLC – The Pintus Group. He is the Chairman Medicina Alternativa, and the Global Consortium of Science &Technology. He is a Professor of Law at GUST University. He is the Judicial Vicar and Presiding Judge of the Global Apostolic Diocese.

Prof.  Lakshman Madurasinghe     MSc.,  PhD., DBA.,D Litt (USA), Attorney-at-Law., LLB., Senior Scholar Institutio Balear de la Historia (Spain)., Fellow Cambridge International Academics, Milton, Cambridge, England, is a Lawyer and a Behavioural Scientist who is a strong advocate of Therapeutic Jurisprudence. He is the Secretary General of the Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals int Greece. Prof.Lakshman is a Member of the Academic Board of formed by a treaty, accredited to the European Parliament. He is a Professor at GUST and Amity USA. He is also an Honorary fellow Member – the Institute of Company & Commercial Accountants, Nigeria (ICCA).

Member International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence. Professor is also a Member of the World Jurist Association, Washington DC; the International Bar Association London, Bar Association of Sri Lanka, and the Colombo Law Society.


to provide legal advice to the Board of Governors and to all the intergovernmental bodies affiliated to the IGO and its Universities and those established for the implementation of the conventions.

to provide legal advice on questions arising for the Organization and concerning its Charter, statutory texts and regulations, its privileges and immunities; to provide advice on the conclusion and application of agreements with affiliated organizations and on contracts to which the Organization is a party.

to represent the Organization before the Courts of Law and other international tribunals or dispute resolution boards.

to assist individual clients or governments in the drawing up and application of international standard-setting instruments especially related to financial instruments and infrastructural funding together with our global partners.

In International forums be a strong proponent worldwide in adapting the use of more comprehensive, psychologically optimal, and emotionally intelligent means of dealing with conflicts.


AMBASSADOR OF PEACE & JUSTICE United Kingdom Chapter. Senior International Governor UK

His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou is an award-winning investment banker and highly sought-after Fund Manager.

Sir Patrick studied in the USA and completed his bachelor’s in Business Studies and master’s in Economics and International Banking at Camden County College, USA. He also earned several degrees from Southampton University, England and the University of Hertfordshire.

He has exemplified exceptional analytical abilities to resolve international law and provide advisory views on legal and political matters referred to him by authorised United Nations organs and other organisations throughout his career. With over three decades of experience in various sectors, including politics, and international relations. Sir Patrick has leveraged his substantial knowledge at the ICJ-ICC and United Nations through these relationships. He is known for his extraordinary skills in settling and negotiating peace settlements and international law and is a prodigious legal and political adviser. His diverse writing ability has been influenced by many experiences, making him the success he is today. He is currently a U.N. Ambassador, Diplomat, and Senior Judge for the ICJ-ICC.


LLD., JD., J.C.D., J.S.D.,Fin.D

Senior International Governor: Secretary-General AUGP UN University for Global Peace

Dr. Tamayo is the current Secretary-General and President of the General Assembly at the World Organization on Economic Digital Monetary and Social Development.

Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) Supreme Chief Justice and Minister of Foreign Affairs for the International Economic Arbitration Court; Governor of North America for The World Leaders Forum, Secretary-General of World Wisdom Initiative Organization.

Dr. Dayantha Laksiri Mendis

LLB (Cey)., M Phil ( Cambridge University), Ph.D, Attorney-At-Law

Executive Director Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute. Visiting Professor AUGP LLM programme. Senior Governor Therapeutic Jurisprudence Centre Sri Lanka

Dr. Mendis has served as UN Legal Expert (UN/DTCD, New York, USA) and ICAO Air Law Legislation Consultant (ICAO, Montreal, Canada) and Commonwealth Legal Expert (Commonwealth Secretariat, London, UK) and was assigned to many countries and regions of the world.  He taught Legislative Drafting at Athabasca University in Canada.  He served as Legal Adviser to the ICRC (Sri Lanka).  At a young age, he served as First Parliamentary Counsel and Head of the Parliamentary Division in Sierra Leone (West Africa).

Former Deputy Prime Minister Of Albania Hon’ble Makbule Ceco

Makbule Çeço

Senior Governor Therapeutic Jurisprudence Centre Albania

In 1966 she started her study in the Faculty of Political-Legal Sciences in the University of Tirana and graduated in 1970.

In 1970 Makbule Çeço started working as a pedagogue in the Faculty of Political-Legal Sciences in the University of Tirana, Albania.

In 1997 she worked as an external pedagogue if the Faculty of Law in the University of Tirana.

From 2005 she is an external pedagogue in the master’s programs in the Faculty of Law in the University of Tirana.

Makbule Çeço, from 2008, is also a pedagogue and dean in the Faculty of Law, in the University “Of Justicia” in Tirana.

Makbule Çeço is Doctor Honoris Causa for International Law and Humanity of the Academy of Universal Global Peace (AUGP)

Professor Emeritus

UCH, USACH, UNEP, UPRP. Member EDU Brussels

Senior Governor Therapeutic Jurisprudence Centre Brussels

  • Founder and Chairman of the Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Society.
  • Founder and Editor of the diplomatic publication  “Nuevo Mundo 2000, (New World 2000).  
  • Double recipient of the prestigious “Heads of Mission Award” (1995 and 2000) in recognition for his consistent efforts to upgrade a cooperative diplomatic community in the U.K.
  • Professor J.R. Monroy graduated with Honors in History and studied Sociology and Law at the University of Chile which was founded in 1842.
  • He presented many papers related to Higher Education in Latin America at several conferences in subjects, such as, Education in Developing Countries, at Oxford University, University College Swansea, Wales, Reading University and the Brighton Institute of Development Studies.

Therapeutic Jurisprudence centre jointly with OIUCM functions as an independent global centre that shares articles, research, commendations, and critiques generated from diverse forums worldwide to educate our students, members, and connected legal institutions regarding the value of Therapeutic Jurisprudence. We also have access to our own Neuroscience Centre and its sophisticated equipment for additional research.

Thus, we have been strong proponents worldwide in adopting the use of more comprehensive, psychologically optimal, and emotionally intelligent means of dealing with conflicts.

Prof. Dr. Erantha De Mel

Head Department of Neuroscience OIUCM and Governor Therapeutic Jurisprudence Centre Sri Lanka

Prof. Erantha De Mel is a Clinical Psychologist, holding a PhD, and a D.Sc. As a practising psychologist and researcher, in both psychology and parapsychology

Our Neuroscience Lab

Dr. Dame Aspasia Peppa

Governor OIUCM Therapeutic Jurisprudence centre European Union: Senate Member Medicina Alternativa-OIUCM

DBA(Doctor of Business Administration) B.A. Business Administration and Tourism Business Administration. MSc Communication and Pedagogy / P.R / Life Coaching / Career Coach. She is the Director of Professional Affairs of the Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals int Greece.


Lorelei Higgins

Lorelei has an MBA, with a specialization in leadership. She is passionate about creating bold, open spaces for building peace through cross-cultural learning and the establishment and nurturing of enduring, positive relationships.

As Mrs. Canada Globe 2021 and a Women in Need Foundation Ambassador, Lorelei is leading efforts to increase female leadership in peacebuilding efforts locally and globally. She is often found adventuring around the world with her family.

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-09 at 18.08.51
Dilrukshi Somasundaram

Lecturer and Coordinator of LLM

Attorney-at-Law: Academic
M.Phil/PhD (Reading) (University of Colombo)
LL.M (Hons) (UK): LL.M (SL) :LLB ( Hons) (UK)

Avramia Sterpi

Lawyer., LLB (Hons) ( Athens Law School, University of Athens), MBA ( Cardiff Metropolitan University UK- reading)

Legal Consultant European Union



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