The Neuroscience Department investigates the principles of brain organization that underlie executive control, reasoning and decision making. Through a combination of human behavioral, computational modeling, neuroimaging and neuropsychological data gathered through various monitoring techniques, they try to uncover the mechanisms that shape higher cognitive processes and to develop predictive models of brain function that link neural systems to specific patterns of inference and behavior. An important motivation for their work is the development of a theoretically sound foundation for research on the relationship between human behavior, cognitive processes, and various states of consciousness.

The Brain Technology and Neuroscience Research Centre set up at J R Jayewardene Centre together with Prof.Lakshman Madurasinghe and Dr.Ishantha Siribaddana was the first of its kind.

Prof. Dr. Erantha De Mel- Head Department of Neuroscience

Prof. Erantha De Mel is a Clinical Psychologist, holding a PhD, and a D.Sc. As a practicing psychologist and researcher, in both psychology and parapsychology


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