Goodwill Ambassadors

AUGP USA  enlists the volunteer services and support of prominent individuals from the worlds of art, sport, literature, humanitarian services, peace and entertainment to highlight priority issues and to draw attention to its activities. Our experience has proven that celebrities can contribute to our efforts to raise awareness of the aims, objectives and priorities of the Organization, to convey messages about its activities and to extend its public outreach.

Individuals invited to serve as Ambassadors shall:

(a) Possess widely recognized talent in the arts, sciences, literature, entertainment, sport or other fields of public life:

(b) Be persons of integrity who demonstrate a strong desire to help mobilize public interest in, and support for, the purposes and principles of AUGP and who demonstrate the commitment and proven potential to reach out to significant audiences, including decision-makers;

(c) Possess the personality and dignity required for such high-level representative capacity.



His Highness Dr. Tackie Tieko Tsuru 11

King of Ghana

Peace Ambassador Ghana

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H.E. Sir Justice Dr. PATRICK BIJOU
Senior  Judge of International Court of Justice ( ICJ & ICC


His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou was born in Georgetown, Guyana, South America. At five, he came to Britain when his father obtained a scholarship to study and has remained in the UK ever since. Having been raised in London, he completed part of his education in England and moved to the USA to conclude his studies. He attended Camden College, where he obtained his degree in Business Studies and later his MBA in Economics and International banking.

He studied and lived in New York for some 12 years and then secured his first job at Wells Fargo Bank on Wall Street and later went on to the trading floor, specializing in derivates and futures debt markets. His Excellency excelled as a bond trader and took up opportunities at various banks, including Deutsche and Merrill Lynch on Wall Street. On his return to England, he established himself in the specialist area of debt capital markets, private placements, and structured products


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Dalit child bride to $112 million CEO_ The wonder story of Kalpana Saroj



Kalpana Saroj is described as the ‘original slumdog millionaire‘, a compliment as backhanded as it is degrading. Born in poverty and subjected to inhuman abuse, she overcame impossible odds to become one of the most sought-after entrepreneurs in the country. Today she is at the helm of a $112 million empire that is growing rapidly. How she did that is as heartbreaking as it is faith-affirming. The only lesson you need to understand from her journey, she insists, is that ivy league degrees and fancy MBAs are not what makes an entrepreneur. Grit, perseverance and a superhuman ability to have faith in yourself do.


Amb. Datuk. Dr Aphinita Chaichana

Global Commander in Chief of  UN PeaceKeeping Forces Council-UNPKFC-SEA



Dr. Maniish Mehra BSc, D Hum (USA)

Mr. Mehra is an accomplished Business Professional who ventured in the area of commodities and financial field and dealt with a few well renowned companies worldwide. In 2011, the group diversified and floated a dedicated management consultancy firm – VAAMAA FOREX Services Private Limited – offering management consultancy services for aspiring project owners seeking innovative and alternative project financing solutions. In the year 2015, the group entered into a Joint Venture with The Pintus Group LLC and floated a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) – TPGVFSPJV LLC, registered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

  • In 2011 – was appointed as Director in VAAMAA FOREX Services Private Limited
  • In 2012 – was appointed as Director – India – The Pintus Group LLC, USA
  • In 2014 – was appointed as Vice President- India – The Pintus Group LLC, USA
  • In 2015 – was appointed as Chairman –TPGVFSPJV LLC


Ms. Neena Riche UK

She is also the International Director of Infrastructural Funding for AUGP


Asha J UK

Asha J singer, songwriter, performer, model, actress, Ambassador for World Peace and Foundation against Thalassemia. Born and bought up in the UK she supports Worldwide causes through her Music Celebrity status opening and closing events over the years with the world peace project song ‘Asha For Peace’ and promoting online campaigns and supporting the charities through online media awareness on social platforms.


Deshabandu Vishwa JP Dr.Janaka Edirisinghe

Universal Interfaith Goodwill Ambassador, Governor SL Therapeutic Jurisprudence  Centre and Director International Relations.

A distinguished past pupil of prestigious Royal College Colombo Sri Lanka Janaka held a flawless academic and extra-curricular track record.  He was a school Prefect and one of the finest Athletes produced by Royal. Janaka was the President of Rotay Club Colombo West 1996-1997, and the Founder of American Alumni Association in SL.

BS., MS ( Industrial Engineering- North Carolina A & T Summa Cum Laude., PhD


Amb. Dr.Baroness Uba Iwunwa Canada

A Nigerian Born Singer/Actress, an advocate for Nigerian Culture and Heritage in Canada. Uba is an artist with a difference, proudly a Nigerian home girl making waves in Canada. Starring as Nneka in the award-winning Nollywood movie ‘Missing Link’, a Phinchic Productions Canada. Her Human Rights advocacy and numerous various community charity work particularly, with youth in Africa.


Academician Prof.Dr Mirjana Radovic-Markovic 

Dr Mirjana Radovic-Markovic  is a full professor of Entrepreneurship. She holds B. Sc, M. Sc. and PhD  Degrees in Economics,  as well as Post Doctoral Studies in Multidisciplinary Studies in Lomonosow (Russia). She has served as a professor at a number of international universities, foundations and institutes. In addition, she is a Member of Scientific Council, National Ministry of Science, Serbia (2016-) ,head of the Scientific Centre for Economic Researches, Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia.


H.E Amb. Dr. Verona Broomes USA

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H.E. Imperial Emperor Prince Dr. Robert Morris

Prince of the family of Morrice (Morris) which is of great antiquity .This is a Sovereign Monarchy. Owner of General Contractors llc with over 40 years of experience.

The Peaceful Mind Foundation Ambassador of Psychological Health .

Franklin University Associate degree in Electrical and Mechanical . Activities and Societies: Alpha Phi Omega

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PEACE Ambassador of AUGP USA – Sri Lanka Since 2019 onwords .
Doctor of Humanity (USA).
Director of Revival Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, Proprietor of Salon Esther Andrea, Diploma in Beauty culture.
Dr.Nimali was born to this world as an orphan child who lives a highly blessed and a victorious life today. Spreading love and saving lost souls is her passion.


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The Chairman with Dr.Maniish Mehra January 2022 India


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