Sir Patrick


His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou was born in Georgetown, Guyana, South America. At five, he came to Britain when his father obtained a scholarship to study and has remained in the UK ever since. Having been raised in London, he completed part of his education in England and moved to the USA to conclude his studies. He attended Camden College, where he obtained his degree in Business Studies and later his MBA in Economics and International banking. 

He studied and lived in New York for some 12 years and then secured his first job at Wells Fargo Bank on Wall Street and later went on to the trading floor, specializing in derivates and futures debt markets. His Excellency excelled as a bond trader and took up opportunities at various banks, including Deutsche and Merrill Lynch on Wall Street. On his return to England, he established himself in the specialist area of debt capital markets, private placements and structured products.

He became responsible for establishing the MTN & Private Placement Desk and dealer function within Lloyds Bank PLC. He was the first trader for Lloyd’s treasury for increasing the portion of self-led deals significantly from 4% to 32% in 2002.

His Excellency went on to excel as an investment banker and, throughout his illustrious career, was awarded many accolades such as Multiple Recipient, Wells Fargo “Valley of the Stars” award. Recipient, Wells Fargo “Circle of Stars” award, and Member of Wells Fargo Millionaire Club and Champion Circle and finally became the notable banker he is today. 

He further went on to manage “The Tigger Fund” and became Hedge Fund Manager for Blackstone. His finance and international law expertise were so remarkable that the United Nations eventually headhunted him for a position in the International Court of Justice Redemption Department for his role as a Senior Judge. His finance and international law proficiency were paramount to his election as a member of the Panel Arbitrators of the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes. His Excellency manages to fit all this in and current roles as Fund Manager for ProCapital and UN Ambassador, philanthropist, and a renowned author. 

His Excellency is a Global Ambassador for the International Rights and Welfare Association (IRAWA), Ambassador of the Royal Diplomatic Club, and President of the Commonwealth

Entrepreneurs Club. In May 2021, he was appointed Ambassador by The Academy of Universal Global Peace USA as a member of the governing board/trustees and was also awarded The Human Excellency Award. 

One of his most significant career achievements is creating a line of credit for international supply chains and SMEs for the public sector and government funding. He has also fashioned the economic phenomenon of Contract for Difference (CFD), a concept regarded as hugely pioneering, that today banks and trading institutions adopt. CFD has changed the way trades are implemented across capital markets by the use of clever leverage ratios. He has written journals and books about CFD and how to become wealthy by executing his trading, asset management, and wealth creation strategies. It became the distinguishing feature of his PhD thesis. Ref: Impact of Quantitative Easing Measures on Interest Rates, Financial Markets, and Economic Activity: A Case Study of USA to the Department of Finance and Commercial Law of the Haworth College of Business.


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