Chairman’s message AUGP Sri Lanka

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AUGP is an IGO with over three decades of international engagement consisting of dedicated professionals and academics including eminent Scientists, Doctors, Scholars, Social Activists, Retired Judges; Retired IAS, IPS, Lawyers, Professors & Academicians, Chartered Accountants & IT Professionals involved in the purpose of establishing Global Peace. We have legally incorporated AUGP USA in Sri Lanka too to serve this region.

Spinnaker International is an International Hi-Tech company which is a joint operation with the Academy of Universal Global Peace USA bringing to the world cutting edge programmes aimed at developing young adults to become competent professionals and leaders in the coming decade. Our English school is a British Council accredited Institution in Portsmouth, England. Our branch operations are in Qatar, china and Sri Lanka.

We are well aware that in the coming years all sectors, whether it be agriculture, medicine, economics or services,  would be heavily dependent on technology.  We are a leader in areas such as, Blockchain,  the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Big Data, Robotics, 3D Printing and other cutting edge technologies.

In order to equip our youth with English and IT skills we have designed many programmes through which we  would be able to  make our future generation productive citizens and nourish them with the required knowledge and cultivate their skills and talents. We would like to see them developing their thinking and speaking skills and getting engaged in innovative activities. As a company we wish to give high priority to developing technical skills of the younger generation.

We support universally accepted 10 principals of the United Nations Global Compact, Academic Impact and all Charters of the United Nations & European Union and welcome all of you to make use of our facilities to develop our young adults to become competent, committed, innovative leaders of the coming decade.

Prof.Dr.Lakshman Madurasinghe

Attorney; Behavioral Scientist  Hon.  Senior International Governor of AUGP;  Chairman AUGP USA Sri Lanka, Chairman Spinnaker International




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